Using Digital Strategies to Grow Private Equity Networks and Opportunities

For over a decade, we have assisted private equity (PE) firms in growing through content and targeted digital services. We have successfully connected PE firms with new investors, investments, advisers and talent. Here’s a brief summary of our approach.

The most successful PE firms are continually expanding. By connecting with new, high-quality individuals, they accelerate their growth. In every department, the next connection might prove to be transformative. By merging content, technology, and data with online distribution, you can cast a wider net and increase global awareness among key stakeholders.

stakeholder audiences + campaign audiences


Strengthen your relationships with current investors and find new ones to support your growth. Use your addressable market data to establish a system of online coverage that aligns with your fundraising strategies.

Example: Create LinkedIn audiences composed of pension funds, family offices and sovereign wealth funds. Rotate content systematically into specific regions and countries (like North America, Japan, and Korea). From CIOs to analysts who bring new opportunities to the IC, you can present your strategies, themes and successes to enhance awareness and build new connections.

Management Teams

Identify new opportunities by creating audiences from the sectors and strategies your funds target. Engage portfolio company management teams to remain at the forefront of their minds, when they are considering or initiating processes.

Example: Target European Mid-Market Healthcare, compile an audience of management teams from over 3000 firms that could be your next investment, and showcase your latest case study or exit to them every 6 months.


Showcase portfolio-related content to advisers in the markets where you operate, to ensure you are brought opportunities that suit your strengths. Foster new and closer relationships with a broader set of individuals in firms that could refer your next investment.

Example: Target top advisory firms in the German-speaking market to ensure that individuals across each firm recognise your presence, market fit and approach. This can be accomplished by distributing a case study on your deep sector knowledge in data centres and digital infrastructure.


Successful firms are constantly recruiting and attracting the best talent. Utilise digital tools to connect with and retain quality talent, and keep the market and your peers informed of your progress.

Example: Deliver content to employees at financial institutions and other PE firms operating in South America. Focus on female directors and above, and showcase your firm’s culture and dynamic regional growth to attract candidates to your unique career opportunities.

Below is an overview of our basic framework and structure:


While there are various types of content (press releases, articles, whitepapers), video is the most effective medium (including animation and motion graphics). Video allows you to introduce the individuals behind the organisation while conveying your key messages and themes with maximum impact.


Your website should be designed to capture the right data and facilitate contact building. Alerts can be set up to notify the appropriate person of a visit, enquiry or news subscription.


By defining your addressable market data, you can construct a target list of limited partners (LPs), portfolio companies, advisers or talent. For LPs, this list should be categorised by geography, size, and type (pension fund, family office, sovereign wealth, HNW).

Online Distribution

There are three main techniques that can support fundraising and origination:

Social Media (LinkedIn)

LinkedIn is the best platform for private market content distribution. Its unique positioning enables you to leverage your data by targeting specific organisations and roles, allowing you to rotate market, investor type, language, and region to create a coverage system that supports your strategies and themes.

Google Ads

Google allows you to display ads based on the search terms people use. Target keywords like “Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Investors” or “SuperReturn 2023 Berlin” to appear in Google searches.

Display & Remarketing

Distribute content and raise awareness through financial publications like Bloomberg or the Financial Times. Video ads can also be displayed to individuals who have visited selected pages on your website.

Video Content Ideas and Examples to Support Fundraising and Origination

We have been producing private markets content for over a decade. Over the years, we have created content for various audiences and functions to support capital raising and deployment. Video is the most effective medium for driving engagement and is increasingly used to update investors.

With GPs creating open-ended evergreen funds, connecting with platforms like Moonfare, increasing accessibility to retail investors or HNWs, the utilisation of video with only increase as investor audiences grow.

Here are some examples of the types of videos we have created:

Case Studies

  • Sector Overview
  • Thematic Sourcing
  • Portfolio Team
  • Due Diligence
  • Origination
  • Portfolio Company
  • Exit (Lifecycle of a Deal)
  • Deep Sector Knowledge

General Communications

  • Managing Partner Overview
  • Celebrating Anniversaries and Milestones
  • Fund Closes
  • Deal Announcement – New Entry, Investment or Add-on
  • New Offices or International Expansion
  • ESG, Impact, Sustainability, Diversity or Net-zero
  • Points of Differentiation
  • Values and Culture
  • AUM Overview
  • Thought Leadership
  • Awards


  • Fundraising Deck Introduction
  • Fund Strategy Overview
  • Co-investment Opportunities
  • Fund Updates

Most of our work is covered by NDAs, so we can’t share many examples. However, you can view our publicly available video production showcase on our website.

This article was written by Mungo Park of 52 Partners. 52 Partners is a digital and content specialist for private capital firms.

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