Benefits of LastPass for Agencies

For digital agencies in possession of sensitive information for a large number of precious clients, security is vital. Showing a high level of integrity for your clients’ information and your own, encourages the trust and confidence of all the people you work with. Who has access to client password information at your organisation? Is there a single member of your team with access? Have you ever experienced the frustration of not being able to reach that person when you needed access in a hurry?

LastPass is a password manager that has proven invaluable to organisations requiring multiple user access, whilst retaining the utmost level of security. Each user has their own personal LastPass password and this is the only one that needs to be remembered manually. A two-step verification process can be set up, so even if your personal password is compromised, security is not. Download the Google Authenticator app and a unique code is generated every time you log into LastPass, that will be requested after you have entered your master password. This feature can be disabled through LastPass using various security measures, in the unfortunate and heartbreaking event of a lost phone.

When passwords are updated, LastPass prompts you to update its database, so it never goes onto the “I’ll do it later” list. Passwords are securely generated using up to 100 characters and using uppercase, lowercase and specials characters. This means no more weak choices, including the name of a beloved pet – Fluffy has no place here. Once logged in securely, LastPass will, in most cases, attempt to autofill the password for you. The strength of existing passwords can also be tested and updated where necessary.

Users can access multiple sites and apps for multiple clients through LastPass, without ever actually having the physical passwords to the individual site, so security is never compromised. Users can also be granted access only to the sites and apps they need, using the Sharing Centre function e.g your finance department may only want to share credit card information at a senior level.

The service can be used on most devices and various web browsers, making it accessible when you need it and at your convenience. Passwords can also be transitioned from the traditional spreadsheet format in bulk, saving arduous data input hours. Feel secure utilising the ‘Form Fill’ option – a safe and time-saving shortcut when completing personal data, credit card details or bank account information. Clients deserve high levels of security and using an encrypted password manager is a no-brainer.

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