2020 Digital Checklist

To kickstart the Roaring Twenties we have put together a selection of online tools and services which we find useful here at 52 Digital. Most of these services are practical and functional – whether for personal or work use – and whilst there are a variety of options for many of them, we have chosen the ones we like using best.

LastPass – With increases in both phishing and hacking attempts it is important to do your best in protecting yourself. LastPass is a great tool that creates a secure vault for all your passwords, tells you when you are using the same passwords repeatedly and helps generally improve your online security. We wrote an article about LastPass last year.

Deseat.me– Helps quickly unsubscribe your email accounts from everything you no longer want to receive (or shouldn’t be receiving in the first place).

Grammarly – Your day-to-day grammar and typo sidekick, Grammarly automatically highlights mistakes as you make them.

Whoisvisiting– Reverse IP Lookup helps you to see what organisations are visiting your website.

SEMrush – SEO, PPC, social and competitor research tool. There are many similar tools in this space but SEMrush is comprehensive and our preferred choice.

HotJar – Use heatmaps to see how visitors journey through your website and engage with content.

Brandwatch – Comprehensive online listening and analytics tool for reviewing where a company or campaign is mentioned. Brandwatch assesses the sentiment and also monitors the spikes in conversations and different topics relating to your company or campaign.

BuzzSumo – Review what content is performing best worldwide.

Boomerang– A great integration for sending emails at the right time and setting up reminders if you do not get a reply. Boomerang is Gmail only but there will be others out there for Outlook etc.

Trello – There are many successful project management tools, Trello is our favourite tool for keeping track of everything.

Mailchimp – A simple and useful email automation tool that also offers basic landing page creation, forms and CTAs to help support and manage your marketing and distribution lists. For a full marketing automation suite, we often use HubSpot along with several other CRMs but Mailchimp is a great starter package.

Clear – A colourful checklist iPhone (and iPad) App to ensure you keep on top of your to-do list.

Google Tools – There are so many great Google tools worth using. Make sure you have recently tried the following as they are all constantly updated:


App Integrations – check what services have access to your email and social media accounts, and revoke access for anything you no longer use.

General Housekeeping – Keep your ship in order by checking the renewal dates and state of the following:

  • SSL certificates
  • Domain renewals
  • Hosting services 
  • CMS + Font licences

Finally, have fun and broaden your musical horizons with the global map of radios Radio Garden!

Full disclosure: We partner with HubSpot along with a variety of other tech and CRM providers which we have avoided listing. We do not receive any fees or have any affiliations with the businesses we have linked to in this article.

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